Stunning, Timeless Women’s Fashion Trends

Magnificent, Classic Women’s Fashion Trends

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Have you usually questioned why women’s style patterns never end? Time after time, females are pounded with new designs, shades, designs, and also females’s clothes devices. It’s enough to create your head spin! So, why all the hype? Possibly the stylist have to maintain their jobs … and also to do so, they must somehow trigger women to head out as well as buy brand-new items every season.

Fortunately, there are ways females can prevent falling under the “new fashionable style” catch. Here are some hints about women’s apparel that stylist do not want you to recognize.

Timeless Colors for Women’s Clothing

There are some standard shades in females’s clothing that will never go out of style. They’re “in vogue” every year, season after season. These are black, khaki tan, green, and also blue. Some bright colors that never seem to go out of design are red, white, and many light pastels. Though layouts and styles could change, these colors are always around. The good news is females can mix and also match these shades to produce all kind of sophisticated outfits.

Women can always wear black for a slimming effect – Hollywood stars do it at all times! Black is a fantastic shade that can be utilized whenever of the year. In winter, they could use black slacks or a black skirt, unabridged black gowns, black jackets, and also black shirts or coats. With any of these, females could include a dash of shade with vivid fashion jewelry, scarves, belts, footwears, and even hats.

Black could also be made use of with any of the shades mentioned above for those who do not intend to wear all black. Ladies that wear plus size clothes always look wonderful in black as well.

In summer, black garments can be put on with other vivid products. For instance, females could put on a warm pink or brilliant eco-friendly tee shirt with a black skirt. Shoes with a little shade can match the t-shirt. Or, a bright-colored blouse under a black jacket can be worn with matching slacks. Summertime is the weather for illumination, so ladies could trust wearing their intense shirts, shorts, slacks, and also skirts each year, no matter what the latest style fads.

How you can Style Clothing

Fashion designers and women’s fashion journals typically aren’t the just one that could make females’s garments. Whether it’s American apparel or express fashion design right from Paris, France, a lot of women can possibly make their very own clothes also better if they had the abilities. Why? Each female is one-of-a-kind in her makeup as well as body. She knows far better than anybody what kind of women ‚ s garments will enhance her number.

Women may not have the ability to actually make the garments, but they can produce the excellent clothing in their minds as well as maybe even on paper if they try. This will certainly offer them a guideline to utilize while shopping for apparel. For picking an outfit, they could jot down the best size, the length of the blouse, skirt, or gown, the type of waistline needed, and the design that looks best with their number. They could filter via images in ladies ‚ s publications to obtain ideas. While purchasing, they can try to find these kinds of clothes specifically and also save much time and energy.

Layer Garments for Significant Effect

Ladies could layer their clothing to develop a more significant effect as they walk and also move. Some great layering approaches include putting on a storage tank top under a large stole or a partially buttoned shirt, wearing a fashionable jacket over an or else dull attire, covering the waist with a colorful headscarf tied to the side or in the front, etc. Layering additionally allows the blending of vibrant pieces with one-colored garments in a stylish method.

Fill up the Wardrobe Armoire with Versatile Garments

Females could extend their garments budget plan by filling their closet armoire or storage room with even more versatile garments. This means acquiring items that could be mixed and matched with other pieces to create multiple outfits. For instance, a lady may purchase a coat or blouse that can be put on with numerous skirts, trousers, or shorts. Additionally, females can accessorize particular outfits to make them resemble two entirely different outfits.

With numerous opportunities, any female can stay ahead of the clothing video game utilizing the suggestions over. Update your closet today with these timeless, trendy females’s clothes!


Summer-Fashion4The summer is here! That means we can jump into the light clothes and enjoy hot summer air. Summer is a perfect season to show off your tanned skin, fit body ( that you have worked on for months ) and your unique summer style. It’s finally time for bright colors of clothes, easy meals, and an evening cocktail. Bring out this summer the best you can. Here are a few tips that will inspire you for this summer season.


Summer-Beach-Outfit-from-StylishlymeGet shorts as soon as possible. Shorts are great for showing off your toned legs, and they are always modern. It’s easy to combine shorts in fancy and casual wear. Combine it with a top, a fitted blazer or even a T-shirt and there you go. For a fancy look combine it with high heels, and for casual combine it with some cool sneakers.


women-jumping-on-beach-pic-getty-images-488070250 In swimsuit, everyone should feel confident. Most of the women want to look as best the can, so they will try to hide the bad sides of their bodies. Luckily, this summer everything is modern – so it is easy to find the right one. Use bright colors to show off your bronze tanned skin, and dark ones to look elegant on the beach.  When choosing the right swimsuit – feeling comfortable is  No 1. priority, so this year in fashion companies we see swimming suits that support the body and hide more of it.


img-thingThe latest trend that Dior announced are sunglasses that look like a mask, and the reflecting glasses in bright colors, mostly blue and purple. Reflecting sunglasses are the top choice among the celebrities, so if you ask for something that will make your look modern, choose blue or purple reflecting sunglasses.

Still, if you do prefer casual style, you can always choose Ray Ban classic. They have a style that fits everyone.


You do probably have lots of pairs of shoes, but to feel well and complete this season you do need to have pairs of these:

–    Flat shoes  –  that you will wear the most. You can wear them in casual, or business style. They go well both with the trousers and skirts.

–    Sneakers  –  even though they are imagined to be a „sportswear“, that idea fell apart a long time ago. Invest in sneakers because you will need them a lot.

–    Sandals with a high heel – always have a pair of sexy shoes that will make you feel attractive and special. No matter the color – you will always feel good wearing them.



Summer-Dresses-Women-Slash-Neck-Dress-Off-the-Shoulder-Strapless-Lace-Tunic-Short-Mini-Solid-BlackEven though there’s no way to define which color is the most fashionable in a season, this summer a special accent is given on black, red and white, as top colors for dresses.

These colors fit great to most of the women, so you won’t make a mistake no matter which you choose.

If you feel powerful, strong and confident – wear black.

If you are cheerful and full of understanding – wear white.

And if you feel passionate, flirty and adventurous – then the red is your color.

How to keep yourself updated in fashion?

If you’re like me and if you always want to follow the latest trends and keep yourself updated in fashion, this is the right place for you because here you will learn a little about following the directions successfully, always knowing what to wear and creating your DIY projects. I’m sure it already sounds fascinating and promising, so if you agree with me, keep reading and never have a problem with clothing again.

Fashion-ClosetNow, let’s imagine a scene together in which you open your closet, have no idea what to wear so you just keep staring at it e.g. for the next 3 hours. This may happen because you care about other people’s opinion too much, you don’t know what to wear, or you don’t have enough clothes, so it is time for you to go shopping. If this keeps happening, it is the sign for you to get professional help finally or try to find it online.

If you want to stay updated in the fashion field, you must follow the popular fashion bloggers who are daily active on their blogs. They come up with plenty of different beautiful ideas for your clothes; they combine various pieces of clothing thus creating beautiful breath-taking combinations. You can find many fun blogs like this online yourself, but you may also want to ask someone to recommend you the best or most popular one.

pinterest-fashion-boardFor example, I’m one of many people who are often active on If you decide to visit this website, you will find many beautiful clothes, heels and other footwear, various colors, cute details and accessories all combined creating amazing and perfect combinations that you are not going to be able to resist at all. Many photos of different celebrities and their clothes, styles, clothing lines, etc. are also posted there, so in this way, you will be able to keep up with some of your favorite celebrities and perhaps copy their style. and are not fashion blogs, but you can find many fashion ideas here as well. You want to follow your favorite celebrities there, and this is how you can keep up with their thoughts too. These websites offer you a possibility to find the latest trends, become fashionable, good-looking and popular in your school, neighborhood or at work. These sites also offer you the chance to find some current and cute DIY projects. These projects are always absorbing and fun, especially when we are speaking of clothes and accessories.

If you don’t like your e.g. black, simple, old shirt anymore, just get scissors, glue, some interesting fun materials, sparkles, water and some color/paint made particularly for the clothes. This is how you will paint your old shirt, cut it, create different shapes on it, put whatever you want on it using glue and create something which is fun, good-looking and brand new to both you and your friends.

Then there is always the option to be out of alignment with the latest fashion and buy older clothes. In last 10 years many trends tend to re-occur every two years or so which means that you can buy older clothes and still be fashionable.

How to draw your fashion sketch?

Every project in a world of fashion starts with the sketch. They make numerous sketches and only few of them become the projects. Before the new designs are cut and sewn, they are first presented as sketches which are drawn by hand in the world of fashion. First, you need to draw the figure which is shaped like a model to make the base of your sketch. Always know that the point is not to draw a realistic figure, but just a blank canvas on which you will be able to put an illustration of a dress, blouse, skirt, accessories or any of your other creation. Remember that adding details and color always helps to bring your idea to life.


You must gather all materials that you need starting with a hard pencil. Pens called H pencils are simply the best, and they make sketchy, light and easy to erase marks that don’t tuck the paper (this is crucial when adding color to your image). More materials you should have are a thick, good paper and quality, good eraser. All of these materials will make your sketch look more professional and help you draw it better.  Remember that you should never use a pen, but make sure you have some makers in color, paints or inks (for illustrating clothes).

af6ed436401b27947d9bf39d13c078c5It is time to choose a pose for your figures which is always supposed to show off the item entirely. You can draw many different models: standing, walking, bending, sitting or in any position that you want. The most common pose that you want to start with as a beginner shows a model who is standing on a runway. It is the easiest one to draw, and it allows you to bring all your designs in a full view.

Considering the fact, that you probably want your design to look appealing and professional, it is important to draw it on a figure which is drawn and proportioned well too. Consider all the methods for making your character. I know that you presumably want to draw your one as it allows you to create a model to your desired proportions etc., but if you want to bring clothes designs before everything else, you can use some shortcuts. So, you can download figures online (there you will find them in different sizes and shapes); make your character by tracing it from a magazine or some picture.

8714_6_104-figure-drawing-structureIf you decide to draw your ones, first you need to draw the first line called balance line. It represents the gravity center of your model, and you should pull it from the top to the bottom. After this, you should draw an oval which will later represent the model’s head. Now, draw a pelvis before everything else, and then add shoulder and torso. When you finish with the basics, sketch the head, neck, legs, feet and arms. There it is, your figure is done, and you can start illustrating your own, original design with different colors, shapes, sizes, prints, patterns and whatever you want.

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